How To Start Your Own Blog: Easy Cash Money For Your Passion

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Besides online gaming, pornography and gambling, running a personal or professional blog is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the Internet today. While businesses are all about brand awareness and presence, blogging has become a platform for the “every man and woman” to post ongoing commentary and news about what interests them. This medium and its cousin vlogging (video blogging) has made everyone a star. No longer do you have to wait for your 15 minutes of traditional fame – you can now be a star and gain a following in the virtual arena and earn extra money while doing it.

So, how do you start your own blog and earn cash from it?

It’s easier than you think. Using free blog platforms like Blogger, Live Journal, and the like, you can set up shop, get a kick ass theme that will be your portal to the world, and in only an hour or so, be live and online. You can also run standalone blog platforms like WordPress or Joomla if you want to put together a professional blog. Each of these platforms is designed for ease of use, to allow the newbie entrance into the blogging arena.

Contextual Advertisers Love Blogs & Pay Money For Your Blog Real Estate

Just like people will pay you to put their advertisements in your store window, corporations like Google and Yahoo pay you to put signage into your virtual real estate a.k.a. your blog. Just add some easy code provided by the two corporations to your blog, and they will automatically add what is called contextual advertising through Google or Yahoo. Contextual advertising is ads that are placed that are relevant to your blog. If your blog is about dogs, all your advertising will “be in context or contextual”, because it will all be for dog stuff. While you continue to express your ideas and opinions people will click on the advertising, and you will get paid a few cents up to a couple dollars per click.

Blog is Short for “Weblog”.

Blogs started as more of a personal journal online where people could record their opinions, feelings and thoughts via the written word. As they “blogged”, they would gain and following and through organizations like Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher, they could also earn a bit of cash. This rapidly turned into a programmers creating and building a professional blog platform, and today anyone with a yen to be a commentator can take to the virtual Internet and start writing about their views, opinions, hopes and dreams. You have but to look at the political arena to see this evolution with online organizations like The Huffington Post and Politico to name a few.

Blogs Come in all Shapes and Sizes

If writing isn’t your bag, you can also set up a photoblog to show off your photography skills, the vlog as we mentioned earlier and podcasts which are audio blogs. Blogs can be personal where you make one only for your family and friends, or it can be for a professional blog for business purposes where you talk about things that interest you and a lot of other people. Examples of blogs can be anything from comic books to celebrity gossip. If it interest you, and you think it might interest a bunch of other people, blogging about it will get you a following, which can turn rapidly into a thriving community of like-minded individuals with opinions, news and reviews.

Blogs are Fun To Setup and Run

No matter what the purpose is for your blog, it will still be fun to set up and run. Most people start blogging, because they like a particular topic and would like to find friends. If you have a passion for it, there is no end to where blogging can take you. Learning the technology and advancements in blogging is as easy as visiting a blog that is centered around the blogging platforms. In today’s world, whether you are blogging personally or putting together a professional blog, it will be easy, straightforward and quick to set up.


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