Niche Blogging – What Is It and How to Make Money With It?

June 13th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

If you don’t know if blogging is the right job for you I’ll make your decision easy by telling you the pros and cons of it. If you want to earn money passively, without investing much time, if you don’t want a boss, if you want to earn more and more as the time goes, then niche blogging is the right way to go. So that’s it for the pros ( at least for the most important ones) now let’s head over to the cons section: 0, zero, nothing, the lack of matter, non-existing. Okay maybe I’m overreacting it, but really, all you need is determination!

What is niche blogging?

The niche blog is a site where you write about a specific focused topic (the niche). This can be anything you would like to write about and I mean ANYTHING (except for gambling and adult content). You can make a blog about teeth whitening, cooking recipes, product reviews, anything that comes to your mind! There are less and more profitable niches, but don’t worry about that for now, just find something that you’re interested in and when you have found that topic go and build a blog upon it! The next question is, how? Now that’s why I’m here, to tell you the basics of building up your blog! But first read on so you’ll know the money making possibilities of blogging!

How is that good for money making?

Here comes the great part: you make a site about a thing you love then you’ll put ads on your site ( with Google’s AdSense). When visitors come to your site you have a chance that they will click on one of those ads. If that happens, Google gives you money, from a few cents to as much as a dollar. It may seem low, but it will add up if you get a lot of traffic flowing to your niche blog. The other method is to promote affiliate products on your blog related to your selected niche. If someone on your site buys that particular product, you receive a commission! This can go up to 15% of the product’s price and even more (up to 70%) if it’s a digital product (like an E-book). So I guess I don’t have to tell you what does that means when your blog is about electronics with high prices. Yes, it means a lot of money. You may wonder if that’s actually true and if so, can you make a living out of it? I could tell you that it is, but it’s better to make your own experiment. I’ll help you to get started, just check out my niche blogging how to series!